About Us!

About Us!

Hi there!  We are a mom and daughter living in rural America.  We have wanted to put together a blog for awhile as an opportunity for both practice in writing, and the sharing of our recipes, ideas, and thoughts, so here we go!  Our family currently consists of 8 members.  We'd like to introduce you to each member using their "pen names" that we'll be using on this blog.

First on the list is "Mr. Big Dreams".  Without this gentleman many of our adventures would never have happened! Next there is me, the mom of our writing team.  I am going by "Ginny." The other half of our duo is our oldest daughter, and her chosen name is "Dairy Queen," as she is one! Next, we have "Engineer", our clever oldest son. The second girl in our family will be referred to simply as "Brave".  "Little Gentleman" is as cute as he is full of love and cuddles.  And then we have "Jalapeno", who adds much joy and chaos …

Red Hot Dogs, Pork, Conventional Meat and Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Health


So, recently, I got to talking with my mom about meat. You know, ham, hot dogs, conventional beef, that kind of thing. She said I should research for myself and then draw my own conclusions, so that is what I did. And the results I found are rather shocking.

Hot Dogs-

I know, right?? Doesn't this just look SOOOOO good??? Well, sorry to burst your happy bubble, but I am going to tell you why conventional hot dogs aren't the best choice for you, or your body, no matter just HOW good they look. (I'm so sorry 😞)

Should I eat hot Dogs? 4 out of 5 experts say no. Just one hot dog with ketchup and mustard contains 290 calories and 910 mgs sodium.

So, are hot dogs themselves all that bad? Peter Clifton, professor of nutrition at the University of South Australia, says,  “All data says processed meat is bad: more diabetes, higher mortality, more cardiovascular disease." 
The average hot dog also has Nitrates inside of it. What are Nitrates? Nitrates are what help keep Hot do…