PRAISE THE LORD WE'VE GOTTEN THIS FAR!!!!!   Hello!!! Dairy Queen here!!
    So, on Monday, December 7th, we poured our walls into our forms. (I will be including pictures on this post of it.) On Wednesday, December 9th, we poured our slab.

All of the kids.

Mr. Big Dreams, holding steady the tube, which is passing the concrete from the truck to the empty forms.


Brringing our slide for letting the concrete slide down. 

Ginny and Jalapeño pose for a picture.
Jalapeño jumping over some wood.
Ginny and Jalapeño watch the pour.
 The concrete slides down the slide. Poor slide.

Who wants to slide FIRST?!?!
 Look at those hard working guys!!!
An above picture of the not-yet-finished slab.
 Mr. Big Dreams smoothing the concrete.
Nope!! He's not posing! DQ  (the photographer) took this accidently!!

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