Here I am, (DQ) sitting on the couch, trying  to keep my back straight, (you know, for good posture) sipping hot, peppermint bark tea and wishing I'd done this sooner.
  For a quick overview of what's been going on lately, I'll just go ahead and tell you in as few words as possible.
  We've been SOOOO busy...
   On January 17th, a Sunday, my Dad decided to invite friends/family to Reyah Ridge for a roofing day. It would happen Saturday.
  On January 23rd, a Saturday, we headed out in the morning, bringing with us coffee cake, (Gluten-full & Gluten free) and also took 3 of our cousins with us, from Rose Hill, Kansas. (They had come the night before.)

  Soooo, I'll just put some pictures out here on this post, and you can see all that we got done!!

          BTW (By the way) we are soooo thankful for all the workers. Thanks, thanks and thanks again!


The hole that Mr. Big Dreams dug.

Aah..window's up!
Putting up windows. 
Ginny & Jalapeño 
Mr. Big Dreams on the scaffolding.

Reyah Ridge

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