Getting my ears pierced

     I've always wanted to get my ears pierced. When my cousin, Mercy, got her ears pierced, I knew I had to do it. After all, she was 5 months younger than me. So, for a birthday present, my parents said they'd pay for me to get my ears pierced. I was so delighted.
     I wanted to go to Claires where my cousin and aunt had gone to. My mom did a lot of research to decide where to go. As I read the same things she read, I grew more frightened by the next word. Some people said Claires was fabulous. Others said not to go there. "It isn't clean," they would say.
     Then my mom started reading about going to a tattoo parlor. As she read on, it discussed how, at tattoo parlors, they used a needle and took flesh out rather than shoot it through with a plastic gun, like at Claires. Just the thought gave me the shudders. "Let's just go to Claires," I would say, trying to convince my mom that it was the best place.
     Finally, on February 3, 2016, we started out for Quail Springs Mall, situated in Oklahoma City. You guessed it-we were going to Claires! And not just my mom and I, but the whole family!
      As we got closer and closer, my heart beats went faster and faster. I was nervous. What would it feel like?
      Well, when we entered the mall and found the small, yet cozy looking store, I became more nervous. After we had signed the papers and everything, my mom asked if I'd like to go first. Yep, my mom was getting her ears pierced, too! She said it would be a good mother-daughter bonding thing. Anyway, when I said, "Yes!" I was told to sit in a chair near the doorway. Embarrassing! However, I had to do this.
     While the kind, young lady cleaned my ears with a liquid and a cotton ball, I kept telling myself, "This is going to hurt pretty bad!" because my mom had told me that I should expect it to hurt more than I expected. Well, when the gun was pressed on my ear (not pressed in a hurting way, mind you) the young lady said, "1...2...3." And then it happened. I had to get my ears pierced one after the other, but I'm glad I had to do that.
      Now, for all of you who are wondering just how badly it felt, well it only felt like a hard pinch. If you've ever had you blood tested at home, then it'll feel something like that, except a bit worse, and on your ear. For some odd reason, it made me think of a stapler! The pinch will only hurt for about 2 seconds, and then it'll be all over. That is, except for a little tingling/soreness on your ears, which'll last for about 15-30 minutes. If it's cold outside right after getting your ears pierced, I advise you to cover your ears gently with your hands. Otherwise the coldness might sting your ears.
      Then I had to clean them for 6 weeks, 3 times a day, which, if you do the math, it'll amount to 126 times of cleaning. A new bottle of cleaner is $8.00-not very cheap, if you ask me. My ears are doing great, and it's been a month, from yesterday.
      I highly recommend getting your ears pierced. 10 stars from me!
      Well, I think that I've had my typing for the day. Ta-Ta! (Picture are below)

Newly pierced ears!

Being brave...

Getting ready!

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