Taking Earrings Out For The Very First Time

           Taking Earrings Out For The First Time
Right: Just pierced. Left: 6 weeks later, new earrings!!
 Hey there! This is DQ, and today I wanted to tell you what it was like taking my earrings out for the first time.
   When I started, which was yesterday, I tried almost everything! I yanked, pulled, twisted both earring parts different ways while pulling, and nothing happened. I pulled the backs with tweezers, stuck a Bobby pin in the "butterfly" backs, but again, it did nothing. I was getting desperate, and wanted to get one or both out that day. So, I got a fork. Yes, you read right-a fork! I inserted the "needle part" which you eat off of, into the "butterfly" backs. I pulled and pulled and pulled. It came out...FINALLY! My ear was bleeding a bit, so I wiped it with a piece of toilet paper. I inserted the other earring, and it hurt a little, but when I put the back on it did pinch a bit. Below are pictures of me with one earring in, and the "famous" fork.
"Needle parts"

That was how I got the first one out.
To get the second one out, I did several different things. This time, I wasn't as desperate. I used a fork, yet not as violently with the first ear. Then I used the tweezers a few times, but what drove me CRAZY was when I had a good grip on it and then it would fall off the earring and pinch me. Uhhhhhh!               Well, I ended up doing what I had dreaded-having my mum take it out. She did, and within 10 seconds, I wished I had asked her earlier. She took hers out, but with a bit of trouble-go figure. Anyway, my ears feel fabulous!!! See you later...

 Dairy Queen

                         DQ and Brave-taken by DQ 
                     (Pretending to be Indian Squaws)

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