The Metamorphosis of a Frog

                                Tadpole eggs
The Metamorphosis of a Frog-just the words get you wondering what the metamorphosis of a frog is. And just to let you know, the metamorphosis of a frog is when the egg turns into an adult frog.
   Well, first of all, the adult female mates with the adult male. Then, the female will lay her eggs in water, such as a pond.
    We were at Reyah Ridge with our cousins, at our small pond. Our cousin was fishing around in the water with a stick, when she exclaimed excitedly, "I found frog eggs!" We were all very excited, and Brave quickly retrieved a bucket. We got some eggs and water, and ran to tell our uncle and dad.
    So, here I am, DQ, standing by our hatched tadpoles. They are adorable and very squirmy. Now, I am going to tell you a rather embarrassing story about the so called, "tadpole".
    I was staring at the "tadpole" when my mom exclaimed, "I don't think that that's a tadpole."
    "Of course it is," I said. "I'll look up a picture of a tadpole." And so I did. Turns out, it wasn't a tadpole. I watched a movie about two different creatures, both who lived underwater and bit. First there was the alligator. As I continued watching, the man exclaimed that the second creature was mosquito larvae. I couldn't believe it! Here I had been, oohing and ahhing over this one little mosquito larvae. I immediately told my mom, triumphantly marched outside and dumped out that horrible little mosquito larvae. Below is a picture of the mosquito larva and the real  tadpole. Please comment and tell me what you think!
     BTW (By The Way) we are feeding our tadpoles boiled lettuce, and they are growing happily!!
Mosquito larvae

Just hanging out

Look at their little gills
Days later...they are SOOOO ADORABLE!!!
Just look at that smile!! I never knew animals actually SMILED!
Starting from the top left is what they first looked like. Later, they are sooo cute!
That adorable smile with THE CUTEST CHUBBY FACE! (For an animal, I mean!!)
Drinking in water
Eating their boiled lettuce

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