We moved!!!

    On April 2, 2016, I awoke to a bright, cheery, sunny day. I jumped out of bed, got dressed, tidied up my room and threw the remaning items of mine and my sister's into a few boxes. Okay, maybe it wasn't THAT easy, but that's how it happened. We all quickly ate breakfast, and then we all loaded items into my dad's pickup and our Suburban. Then, at 8:00 A.M, our first helper arrived. After about 5 minutes, lots of people showed up. Immediately, everyone was inside our home, bringing boxes out. People had brought their pickups and/or trailers for all of our "junk". After all of the backs of the pickups were packed full, and all of the trailers nearly bursting, everyone set out for Reyah Ridge. When we arrived, we took everything out of the backs of the pickups and the trailers. Then, we sat down and ate a hearty lunch of chili with cheese (of course you know I couldn't resist that!) and chips. For dessert we had fudge mint dipped oreos (you can imagine how those went fast) and Chip Ahoy! Cookies. By 3:00, everyone except our new neighbors had left, and we went to our rooms to unpack. The following pictures are from the 3rd, and mind you, that a few of the rooms are a bit messy. Enjoy, and please comment and tell me what you think!


                        Our Garage
               Walk in from garage
              Gorgeous front door

 Our upstairs
  Going downstairs
   Temporary dining room and family room
                 Mom and Dad's Room
     Boys' room
                 Brave and mines closet
                  Boys' closet
    Upstairs guest room
 Downstairs dining and family room
   Upstairs entering guest room. First room, toilet, second room, bathtub and sink.
               Mom and Dad's closet
    Upstairs pantry
 Yes, we brought the cats along to our new home
 My room!!! (This was AFTER cleaning up. Please notice AFTER)
The third floor-tower
 Temporary Kitchen and laundry room (below, as well)

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