The Absolutely BEST Chili Recipe In The WORLD

I like chili, okay? (BTW, this is DQ) I've tried a few different chili recipes, and I have an announcement! I have found the BEST chili recipe in the NATION!!!!! (Opera, please...Nnnaaaaaaaaaaaatttiiiiooooooooooooonnnnnnnn!)

Okay...maybe I'm a little, weee bit dramatic, but I'm sure that you've come to expect that from me, right?
Annnyyyywayyyy...I am going to be sharing this recipe with you. I know, so generous of me, right? "Oh, she's bragging," you tell yourself, when you've no idea how much effort it took me to get this recipe! I had to battle all through World War 1 and 2, and before that, I fought in the civil war and revolution war to get this recipe! Please, just say a quick thank you. Actually, don't. If you are really THAT thankful to me, then write a nice llllloooonnnnnggg speech for me, telling me just HOW thankful you are, to me!


Okay, guys, thank you SOOOO MUCH for sticking with me, there...I kind've just lost my head. (Can you guys help me find it?)
So, before I give you the recipe, I must tell you just how good this chili is...(btw, I did not make this recipe up, in case you guys were wondering...) This chili is SO GOOD that I could seriously eat 5 whole bowls of it COLD!! Yeah, I know, THAT'S JUST CRAZY!! But, when I made it today, I couldn't get myself to stop eating it cold! I kept eating spoonfuls, till I told myself, "Okay, DQ, stop eating this, or you won't be able to this this delicious chili for supper." Well, that wasn't enough for me. I just ate one last bite, and then, upset with myself, I trooped out of the kitchen and got a drink of water, so as to water down that chili, so I couldn't taste it anymore....I must was hard to leave that beautiful, tasteful, rich, beany, meaty, tomatoey, and EVERTHINGY chili, behind! Later, when it was warm, I tasted it. It didn't have the strong flavors that it had had sad. I guess that I enjoy cold chili better than warm or hot...that is unless the warm has CHEESE in it!
Well, onto the it is:

The Absolutely BEST Chili In The World:

2 cans of diced tomatoes
2 cans kidney beans (light and dark don't matter, but I enjoy the dark one)
3 T basil
1-2 t salt (it's kind've tricky on the salt!)
1 T chili powder
1/2 lb of grass-fed beef

Brown your meat. Mix everything together, either in a stockpot or crockpot. If you are cooking in a crockpot, then turn on a low, if you'd just like to keep it warm for a long period of time. If you want to do it in a stockpot, then, after mixing everything together, turn your burner on low. Stir every now and then, if doing it in a stockpot. Once your chili is heated in the stockpot, you may turn the burner off and serve, or continue heating. I prefer using the crockpot, because then I don't need to stir it.  
PLEASE comment and tell me what you thought about this awesome chili!
Much Love, DQ    

Isn't it just a beauty? (I meant the chili...)

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