LOTS of new things added to our house!!

Okay, it's DQ.
So, I haven't really posted about our home in a while. Today, I decided that I ought to.
We have put in doors, air conditioning, all of our lights and have our flooring put in, upstairs, and are putting in tile, downstairs, in the living room, which is now vacant of any furniture, and almost any human being. Basically, we do our school upstairs, eat upstairs, read upstairs ('cause, I mean, the couch is there, so, like, duh!), we play games upstairs, watch movies upstairs, etc., etc., etc.! With that said, I will contribute with this post a few (yeah, right, a FEW...more like a MILLION!!!!) pictures.

                                        The kitchen with the cupboards in, but not the countertop...
                                          Jalapeno near the cupboards.
                                  Smoothing down the countertops, still wet from the white concrete.

                                          The countertop

                                   We had helpers on this day, which we were very grateful for!

                                     Putting tile on the wall which will be behind the fireplace.
                                                 The gorgeous, white countertop!

                                                             Isn't it just gorgeous?
                                             The glossy, white, smooth, countertop!

                                         The living room, kitchen and more!
                                         The tile on the fireplace, where the fireplace will sit.

                                                         The "guest" bathroom tub.
                                          In the "guest" bathroom.
                                          School room/library/soon-to-be-guest-room
                                           Fan in the Sunroom
                                          In the Sunroom
                                          An in-the-Sunroom view of the kitchen,
                                                 The wonderful, fully stocked pantry!
                             The gray cupboards...wanna know the whole story? Well,
                             we had planned on doing a more "lightish" gray, but it turned
                             out to be more like very light lavender, so we re-painted them dark gray.

                                     The living room, when we had only moved in one couch.
                                             The laundry room.
                                        DQ's (mine) and Brave's room...see that lady sitting on that
                                        chest? Well, the head on her was given to us by some friends,
                                        so I dressed the room up, a bit, getting a dress on the head, stuffing
                                        it with clothes, then getting a wig, hat and boots, and then, finally
                                        completing her with a bright, blue jacket. Inspiring, right?
                                          The boys' room
                                         Moving the fridge with some help...
                                                   The "kids'" bathroom

                                                     Continuing with the "kids'" bathroom

                                                    We actually ended up taking the doors off of the
                                                     fridge to get the fridge inside!

                                                  Good friends are always needed!

                                    That about sums up all of the pictures...thanks for looking, and PLEASE comment below, tell me what you think, and stay tuned for more posts!


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