Milky Way Drink


                                                      MILKY WAY DRINK

    Okay. Maybe I'm a little dramatic with the names I give my drinks. But hey, I'm just excited to tell you guys how to make them.
     This drink tastes and looks, just like the milky way. Just kidding. The milky way would probably taste like fire. (The stars.)
     I'm getting carried off. Anyway, here is the recipe for the rich, creamy, milky, DELICIOUS!!!! Milky Way Drink!

           Milky Way Drink

           1 cup of milk
           1-2 t. Organic sugar (or trade out for 1/2 t. stevia or 3 t. honey)
           14 ice cubes

               Blend till smooth. Pour into glass and enjoy. Fills 2-3 pint sized jars.

              See how easy it is? All you have to do is get off of your couch and open up your fridge. Take all the ingredients out and BLEND TOGETHER!!!! SOOOOooooo EaSy!!!



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