I found this great DIY project in the November CLUBHOUSE MAGAZINE and decided to try it out! It worked great, and I've been loving making these adorable little pumpkins! Enjoy and tell me what you think about them in the comments below!

                  1. Choose your Fabric
               2. Lay plate on top of fabric
       3. Trace around the plate onto the fabric

              4. Cut the fabric out

 5. Thread your needle with either dental floss or fishing line, which is what I used.
6. Sew around the edges of your piece of fabric 1/4 inch away from the edge.
7. After sewing around the edge of your whole piece of fabric, grasp the needle and line and pull until your piece of fabric scrunches up into a ball.

   Pull the fishing line until it looks like this.
7. Collect 4 plastic bags, or some cotton.
8. Stuff the bags into the ball of fabric.

9. Once the bags are in, pull the fishing line tight so that the bags will stay in securely.
10. Next, do a Sewing Secure Finish knot. If you don't know how, then check out my blog post HERE.

11. The next thing that you've gotta do is to cut out your leaf. You don't have to do leaves for your pumpkins, but I prefer to, since I personally think it looks more festive. So, first, cut out your stem, and two "leaf-parts" coming out.
12. Cut two slits on the sides of your two "leaf-parts".
13. Cut a small "tower" going up and then do two more slits.
14. Cut a small peak at the top and wah-lah! Your leaf is finished.
15. Sew your leaf onto your pumpkin.
16. Stick a stick or cinnamon stick into a crack of the fabric and then sew around it to tighten it.
17. You are finished! Enjoy and tell me what you think in the comments BELOW!!!!

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