The Sewing-Secure-Finish-Knot


     I don't know about you guys, but when I first started hand-sewing (which I'm not very good at, BTW) I didn't know how to do the Sewing Secure Finish Knot to tie it off. Now, it might seem a bit lame to do a whole post on how to do one little knot, but trust me. If you don't know how to knot your sewing, then this will change your life FOREVER!
     My Dad first taught me how to do this knot when I told him that I didn't know how to. What I had done before he showed me, was just making a little normal knot that you tie off your thread with. I know! That sounds so unsecure for a sewing project, but that's just what I did. So, if you'd like to learn how to do this knot, then you may watch the video below, or just look at the pictures I've taken. Enjoy, and please tell me what you think in the comments BELOW!!!

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