A Christian View of Big Hero 6


So, recently, my family and I watched Big Hero 6, and for us kids, it was the 2nd time. This was the first time my parents had watched it.
I absolutely ADORE this movie. Honestly, though, I almost tear-up every time I watch this. At some points in the movie, it is so emotionally sad!
Anyway, if you'd like a professional-Christian-reviewer, then check out The Plugged In Review For This Movie, but, if you'd like to hear what I think about this AWESOME movie, then keep reading.
As you can probably tell by now, I am absolutely in love with this movie! It has everything that I enjoy in a movie. Humor, good life-lessons, TONS of action, intense scenes, creativity and so much more!

Bad Language
There are a few words such as, "Shut up" (but in a "you've gotta be kidding" way), one "Oh my gosh", one "darn" and one "Holy Mother of Megazon" that you might want to watch out for, but really, it's only sprinkled through, so it's not very often that you hear these in this movie.

At the beginning, there is one lady with a belly shirt and very high-cut shorts, but, other than that, there really isn't very much immodesty in this movie.

When Tadashi dies, there is pictures and a few lit candles and a makeshift altar at his funeral.

Good Parts
Almost everything is great in this movie! After watching this movie, you'll find us saying a few of the fraises over and over again.

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