Chocolate Microwaved Muffins


I first fell in love with microwaved muffins when my mother, Ginny, found a recipe for a chocolate one in her Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Well, I wasn't  (and still am not) on that diet, so I changed a few of those ingredients and added my own. So, below is my revised Chocolate Microwaved Muffins...I hope you like them. 😉

Chocolate Microwaved Muffins 
Serves 1
3 T. Flour (I've used oat, maninis and coconut...I doubt it matters)
2 T. Cocoa Powder 
1 1/4 T. Coconut Oil (or butter)
3 T. Organic Brown Sugar
1/2 t. Baking Powder
1 egg
Chocolate Chips (Optional)

Mix together flour, cocoa powder, brown sugar and baking powder into microwaveable mug. Crack egg into a bowl, then whisk. Heat coconut oil over stovetop, or in the microwave-whatever is preffered. Mix egg into the dry ingredients, stirring till well mixed. Pour in coconut oil, stirring extremely fast to avoid the egg from scrambling. Top with chocolate chips, if using. Microwave for 45 seconds-no longer, no shorter. Take out carefully-microwaving can be dangerous! 😊

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