What I think about Heirloom Audio Productions


   Heirloom Audio Productions is a really great way to learn real life history in a fun way! We have all of the audio dramas and they are absolutely my favorite things to listen to! They have no bad language, and are very well done. I would highly recommend these audio dramas for any family - especially homeschoolers. You could seriously use each audio drama for a history lesson. Anyway, let me tell you about each drama.
Under Drake's Flag is one of my favorites. It is about Sir Francis Drake, or, as some called him, El Draque. He was known as a pirate by the Spaniards and very admired by the English. Jarreld and Ned are basically the main characters and make this audio drama humorous and action-packed. It is surprisingly full of excitement for a first album. It has a little bit of romance, tons of action and is firmly made on the foundation of GOD. It is a very good audio drama. Seriously. Get. It. Today.

 In Freedom's Cause is a great one, too. It is about Sir William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. It tells how they fought the Battle at Sterling Bridge and how Sir William Wallace died and how Robert the Bruce rose to become a king and defeat the English.

With Lee In Virgina is a great one! It is about Vincent Wingfield, who lives in the late 1800's. He and his mother own slaves, but he treats them differently than anyone else. He teaches his best-hand slave, Dan, how to read, while saving the a woman and her a baby from the whiplash. Soon, he finds himself caught up in the civil war, and, even though wounded before in battle, Vincent is determined to fight alongside General E. Lee. This is a marvelous audio drama, worth the amount that it costs!

The Dragon and the Raven is an OKAY one. It's about the Saxons and the Danes, King Alfred and their battles. I'll put it this way: All it basically has is talking and war. WAR, WAR, WAR!!! It can be exciting, but after just listening to With Lee in Virginia, it seemed a bit lacking. It does have a few good parts, but I think that you should listen to it and decide for yourself. Now I'm not saying that this production is bad, just a bit lacking, but still AWESOME.

Beric the Briton is truly one of my favorite ones. It has drama, romance, sadness, and faith. These are the kind of traits that I like in an audio drama. Anyway, let me tell you about it. Beric is the son of the chief of his village. His father has died, leaving him with his Mother and village. His friend, Bodouc, hates the Romans, yet Beric is interested in them. Yet, when the Romans strike out and enrage the Queen of Britannia (Briton), a war has already started within the hearts if the Britons. They seek revenge. Beric trains them, and soon they are marching forward to destroy the Romans. They do succeed in destroying many towns, but then they must come face to face with a Roman army. When they loose and Beric, Bodouc and other friends are trained as Gladiators, they learn about a so-called, "Christus". Who is He, and why has so much trouble been stirred up because of Him? This audio drama is a marvelous one! DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!

The Cat of Bubastes is a very, very good one. It has drama, sadness, excitement, faith and almost anything you could imagine in a Christian audio drama. Somebody kills a feline, there is a crocodile mishap, spying on priests and so much more!

In The Reign of Terror is a very sad dramatization. It tells about the French Revolution and involves a lot of killing. In the Reign of Terror is definitely the saddest of them all, to me, personally. On the bright side, I did learn a lot from this audio drama. I never knew a lot of the things that they share in this audio. Although that this drama sounds a little terrifying, it has a lot of good things in it, like courage, faith, history and lots more.

I hope that I didn't sound negative about any of these. All of them are very well done and worth the money and listening.

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