DIY-Adding Flair and Color to Your Home


    I love color. I really do. When I get the chance (and money!), I love to redecorate my room, or around our house. I love having color in all my surroundings. Not bland colors, mind you, but bright, vivid colors.  I also love DIYing, so I love DIY, bright, colored objects that can sit in my room, proudly shouting out that my fingerprints are on there for a reason. That's what I love having in my room, and around our house. So, with my head full of ideas, and my crafting spirit on, I put my fingerprints on another project.  This time, I would be renovating a few of my mom's small garden pots that she had received for her birthday from my sweet aunt. I have to say, trying not to brag, that they did turn out fairly well. I'll let you decide for yourself. After that, you will find a few more ideas to brighten up your house, room or apartment. Please tell me what you think of my ideas, or if you have any questions, then please fire away in the comment section below.

                        Colorful Garden Pots

Gather together your selection of paints. AppleBarrel is a really inexpensive brand. 
  Start off by painting a thin line of your choice of color. I decided to do rainbow colors in the true order, which is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Continue painting lines of various colors, and finish with white.
  Here are the finished pots. For one of them I did vertical stripes of two colors, one of a single color, the rainbow one, and the other, just a white-painted one with red spots.

                        Colorful Mason Jar!

     Grab a Mason jar from the cupboard and head to the table!

 Gather together all of your items, which include a Mason jar, a selection of one (or more) paints, a glass of water and a paintbrush or two.
                        Squeeze a bit of paint into the jar.
 Add a small amount of water, and then use a brush to brush the paint and water throughout the entire jar.

Let dry, then look at your beautiful jar!

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